Discover Your Personality: How To Discover Your Personality Type!

by History Maker 101

Below are descriptions carefully and identify types of how to express your personality.


Idealists, ethics and followers of principles, have a very clear sense of what is right or wrong. They always struggle to make things better, but they are afraid of making mistakes. They are organized, orderly and meticulous, but they can become very critical and tend to perfectionism. They often have problems with impatience and suppressed anger. When in their healthy range, these people are discerning, thoughtful, realistic and morally heroic.

Second Type: ASSISTANT

They are understanding and focused on the interpersonal side. They are friendly, generous, empathetic, sincere and affectionate. But they can also be sentimental and flattering, striving to please others at any price. They value being close to others and, therefore, try to become necessary. They have difficulty taking care of themselves and identifying their needs, putting the other first. When they are in their healthy range, they are altruistic, detached and love themselves and others unconditionally.

Third Type: DIRECTOR

This are confident, adaptable, driven by success and charming. They are very ambitious and are always ready to act, but they can be too guided by status and the idea of ​​progressing in life. They care about their own image and what others think about them. Their problems are usually excessive passion for work and competitiveness. When they are in their healthy range, they are authentic and inspire people as role models.


Yes, they are introspective, attentive to themselves, sensitive, calm and reserved. They are honest and not afraid to reveal themselves, but they are subject to fluctuations in mood and inhibitions. They feel vulnerable and full of defects, but at the same time, they can act as if they are not subject to the same laws as others. His most common problems are self-indulgence and self-pity. When they are in their healthy range, they are creative and inspired, able to renew themselves and transform their own experiences.


Realy, they are focused, curious, alert and observant. They are able to abstract from everything and focus on cultivating complex ideas and gifts. They are often overly dedicated to their thoughts and imaginary processes and can be distant and irritable. They are independent and innovative but tend to be isolated and eccentric. When they are in their healthy range, they are pioneers and visionaries who live ahead of their time and see the world in an entirely new way.


Very responsible, dedicated and value security. They are hardworking and trustworthy, but they can be defensive, very anxious and able to stress easily. They are usually indecisive and cautious, but they can also prove defiant and rebellious. Insecurity and mistrust are its most common problems. When they are in their healthy range, they are endowed with stability, self-confidence and courageously defend the neediest.


They are spontaneous, optimistic, versatile and playful. Always busy, they can be dispersed and little disciplined, taking on more responsibilities than they can handle. They are cheerful and practical, always looking for new emotions. This search can lead them to not finish what they started, exhausted by the excess of activity. Its biggest problems are impulsivity and superficiality. When they are in their healthy range, they focus on commendable goals, fulfilling themselves and becoming joyful and grateful.


They are strong, dominating, firm, confident and assertive. They are protective and decisive, but they can be proud and controlling. They are often intimidating and enter into disputes. They have difficulty sharing intimacy. When they are in their healthy range, they are masters of self-mastery and use their strength to improve the lives of others, leaving their mark on the world.


They are receptive, uncomplicated, constant and easy to live with. They have a good temper, a good heart, but they can exaggerate their willingness to give in to keep the peace. In their eagerness to avoid conflict, they may be too accommodating, trying to minimize all the obstacles that arise. They are stubborn and passive. When in their healthy range, they are dedicated to bringing people together and resolving misunderstandings.

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