How to Build a Self Confident: the best Motivational with Inspirational quotes

by History Maker 101

Self Confidence can not be learned as a set of rules because it was a state of Mind

You have to be positive in thinking, practicing boldness, accepting your self-esteem, believing in yourself-abilities, and as well chatting with people could help in building or increasing your levels of confidence.

The sincerity of this was not all doubts are unreasonable and based on fear but various of them are. Be sensible when evaluating any doubts as well as your goals. As we continue learning how to be confident, you will also learn how to be better in evaluating goals and fears.

Hopefully, some of these concepts will help you to be better prepared as you continue on the path of building self-confidence. Take this advice into consideration and prepare yourself mentally as you continue your efforts to learn how to be confident in all aspects of your life. You will be more open and willing to accept any guidance you receive. Get ready and start walking towards a new and more confident you.

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”

― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

What is Self-Confidence?
Self-Confidence can be defined as a state of being sensible and responsible for having self-control in your life. At times, you could be very confident in relationships, academics and lack self-confidence in some areas like; leadership, business management, able to travel the world, and so on.


One important thing to understand is that building self-confidence is a process. It won’t happen overnight, but you can start seeing and feeling the results as soon as you start working on it consistently. The good news is that building self-confidence is something that can be easily achieved with a little knowledge and some persistent effort.

Each small achievement will earn you an improved measure of self-confidence that will help you get closer and reach the next one. Each achievement is a construction, a building block for building self-confidence.

Do you know that being Self-Confident is worthy of respect, and you can pursue what you want no matter how you have been denied or opposed in the past by others? –  History Maker.

Now, consider where you would like to be. Imagination is a powerful mental tool. Visualize yourself doing the things that currently bother you. As you do this, imagine yourself doing these things with ease, completely relaxed inside as if it were something you mastered and did hundreds of times. If your mind can think of it, it can achieve it. You now have a clear picture of where you are and what you want to accomplish. Archive these mental images or write them down. This is your motivation and you can return to it whenever you need it.

Get Your Mind Right, Begin Building Self Confidence

Don’t you have self-confidence? First, you need to fully recognize and understand the problem and take action to find a solution. Then, you must start educating yourself. This is the stage that lasts forever. To really make progress, we must never stop learning.

The next step to prepare is to get into the right mindset. You must believe that your goals are possible before you can reasonably commit to them. If this is difficult for you, remember to use consistent rational thinking. If you think about this goal rationally, it will become clear that not only is it possible, but likely that you can achieve it. These self-confidence building practices have been tried, tested, and proven over many years and by hundreds of thousands of people before you and me. Humanity has had a lot of time and test cases to discover what works and what doesn’t. now. Make sure the information is out there and that what you want is really possible. Eliminate any doubts about it now. Accept it rationally and move on.

Stop Defeating Yourself

Another important part of your mindset is making sure that you stop working against yourself. We tend to acquire bad habits that perpetuate negativity in our minds. Make a conscious effort to remove self-destructive thoughts and stop saying anything that depresses you. They call these bad habits “self-destructive” for a reason. This is exactly what they do! You have heard it many times “think and will continue to listen if you ask people who know how to be confident. Stay positive, stay focused, and take steps.


“Don’t be afraid of failure, but be afraid of not trying. So, focus on your goals, not fear.” –  History Maker.

How to Boost Your Confidence

What if – Develop a Fearless attitude.
Believe me, fear is one of the powers that hold many people back from pursuing their dreams because they were thinking of being failed in the process… and this happened when we lacked the self-confidence to overcome that fear of failure.

Yeah, this is real and some of the things or challenges we all face at times, and how do we overcome this fear?

We can only overpower fear when you take the bold step of working on building self-confidence and improve our self-esteem. This will help you finally overcome any fears, and create a way of achieving dreams. This is what I have practiced, self-compassion, and undoubtedly. I was able to beat as well and break through the wall of fear which I came out sinning.

Really, this is a success that will fuel furthermore brighter success.

Building Self Confidence Relies on Rational Thought

You will likely find that self-doubt will always try to creep in. But you will be looking for it. Learn to recognize it for what it is each time it happens. When these doubts present themselves in your mind, all you really have to do is back up and truly and objectively examine the situation. Is it really possible to do this?

Do people do this sort of thing all the time? If so, then yes, it’s quite likely that you can learn and do it as well. If on the other hand, you doubt something because of a rational objection, it is also quite possible that a significant challenge lies there and the situation may warrant further evaluation, a new plan, or acceptance that it is an unlikely goal. If you are 50 years old and you haven’t been in the Air Force or gone to college, becoming an astronaut might be a little bit out of reach, or perhaps the path would be so challenging that the means may not justify the end result.

For instance, at a certain time in a colleagues’ life, he was determined to go to medical school and become a doctor. He was a great student, already had a bachelor’s degree and many of the prerequisite courses completed. However, he was 35 and also had 3 children and no income. He started out determined and confident but eventually, doubts about this journey began to surface.

Careful examination told him that remaining dedicated and confident might get him pretty far and friends and family would help as much as they could but, 4-5 years of borrowing money and surviving with no income before being able to work again might prove to be more strife than it was worth. Trying to handle that while completing one of the most academically rigorous career paths in existence might not even be healthy. He simply did not have a realistic and maintainable plan that suited his current situation. Careful thought revealed that his motivation was based heavily on money and prestige which might be bad reasons to drag his family through such difficulties. These realizations finally brought him around to reconsidering this career path as a viable option.

So what do I do now?

Now you have a couple of ideas about how to get your head in the right place but in order to send your self-confidence levels to new heights, you’ll need a plan and the willingness to follow it…

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