How to Launch Your Dream

by History Maker 101

Would you like to practice a remarkable life, bathed in a treasure that fills you to the point of overflowing? Now, think it’s the perfect time of creating a new life as 2021 is about to launch. Aren’t you excited to realize that this is a great opportunity to bring the dreams you’ve been dreaming for weeks, months, or maybe even years to reality?

What are your dreams?

They’re something that you have been doing in the background for so many times, or maybe the thing you have abandoned because you have thought they can never come to life since you can’t figure out how they could work?

Well! Here are some keys to the whole chronicle of making dreams come to life is by forgetting about knowing everything!

We all dream, but not all men dreams are equal. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. – T.E. Lawrence

Or, maybe you do not have any real dreams.
Possibly, you have been slipping through life accepting what came your way and how it should be.
Have you ever sat in silence and thought about how you would like your life to be?

Here’s the first and most important step – specify what you really want. The universe cannot satisfy your heart’s desires, unless you first have a desire and reveal it, bring it up. All is yours by deciding what you want in your life. We call it intention, although, if you prefer, it comes from a deep desire in the heart. Take a few minutes now (not too important to postpone) and make a visible list on paper of what you really want in life. Check them frequently, daily, if you want to keep that desire alive because this is how your dreams will come true.


What do you have on your list?
Do they seem impossible to come true?
As long as you are undecided about your dreams, they probably will not come true. Many times, we are really good at self-sabotage our success. We place an intention of ours desire and then block the entire process by doubting, (negativity thought), often because we are tried by figuring out how to make things happen, but rather allow the universe to bring to fruition of our dream.

Step number two – Get out of your comfort zone!
Without any doubt, it’s the heaviest aspect of our lives – for relying on the process of revealing Divine timing outwardly doing a unique thing. Human beings, by nature, want to be in the middle of each other to make things happen – to regulate. Abandoning control – relief – is the most difficult.

You have a dream that you can’t let go of, trust your instincts and pursue it. But remember: Real dreams take work, They take patience, and sometimes they require you to dig down very deep. Be sure you’re willing to do that. – Harvey Mackay.

Another which is the third step is – Once a door opens for you, it is time to move.
Now it is time to begin working hard to fulfill this dream that is opening for you.
This is the place that stops many people from moving forward because they must actually step up to the plate and do what they said they wanted, to do. It can be frightening to step out into unknown territory, grabbing the reins for success, so sometimes people turn around and walk away, too afraid to continue with their dream. How sad. If they had only taken a moment to carefully contemplate, they might have realized that the universe doesn’t open a door unless it is possible to achieve what is on the other side of that door. People are afraid of failure, so rather than risk failing, they turn away.

Well, this is very sad, but all that would be needed is your faith and belief in the power that resides within you as a co-creator with the Creator of the universe, and the fear could be eliminated.

Revive Your Inner Warrior:

Reclaim Your Dreams, Visions, and Happiness.
One more step on our final list is to reveal a core tool of empowerment – be thankful for the fulfilment of your dream before it shows up in your life.
There is a universal principle that I feel sure you have heard about many times – what you focus on expands into more of the same.
If you are grateful for something, an expression of love, it will expand into more outcomes from love (positive). So it only makes sense to concentrate on something good so more good will come to you. Being thankful before there is any evidence of your dream coming to fruition shows that you have faith and believe that God and the universe are listening and will deliver the desires of your heart as is promised. Faith – a belief in something not seen – is a powerful vibration that attracts back to it what is being sent out on the energy waves of that vibration.

There you have it, the simple steps to bring your dreams into reality. Here is a recap to put in your mind.

Number #1:
Figure out what you want and place your desire goal on God and the universe.
You must define what it is you desire in order for the universe to bring it to you.

Number #2:
Lay down the process and walk out of the way.
It is easy and effortless when you do this, but often difficult since human beings want to control everything.

Number #3:
When the timeliness appears and a door of opportunity opens, walk immediate, nonstop, and start working hard.
This stops many people since they are afraid of stepping up to the plate and actually doing it.

Number #4:
Be grateful that your dream reaches you before there is any authentication that it is coming.
This shows you have faith and belief in the power of God and the universe to bring you your request.

Simple steps to launch your dreams into viable experiences that materialize in real life.

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