I Travel Inward To Find My Greatest Wisdom.

by History Maker 101

It is high time to go within and consult my inner guru.
I am ready to sit before my inner guidance to gather wisdom for my future.
I take the time to travel inward toward my greatest wisdom.

I love to explore new places. I gain knowledge and insights. Coming into contact with other cultures makes me challenge my assumptions and consider different perspective. I enjoy real-life lessons about history, politics and art.

Inside Pomerode – Municipality in Santa Catarina (Brazil)

Even though it is a short journey, I find that it is a deep one. I create the time and space to be still and listen.

I think more creatively> I adapt to unexpected situations. I figure out foreign bus schedules and restaurant menus. I sleep on the floor and eat with my hands. I practice asking for directions in local language.

I have a journal handy to write down my thoughts that come to me.

I make new friends. I sign up for walking tours and chat with strangers at coffee shops. I stay in touch through social media and greeting cards.

I open up to receive. I find solace in the silence around me as I begin to listen. The answers come to me as I patiently wait. I must listen very carefully as my voice within is very soft.

I notice the clouds of doubt and fear dissipate along the way.

I relieve stress.Vacations and business trips give me a break from daily routines. I disconnect when I am at the beach with my family. I visit the hotel gym or local farmer’s market when I attend conferences.

I feel great peace as I sit at the feet of my inner wisdom. Like sitting under a great oak tree that has been there forever, I feel a calm breeze blow across my face and through my body.

I am being fed a banquet of wisdom!

Curitiba – City in ParanĂ¡ (Brazil)

I learn more about myself. I discover new talents and stengths when I venture into unfamiliar places. I build my confidence and courage.

I see the world through new eyes. I notice the birds. I hear the sounds of Spring.

I gain a greater appreciation for the world around me.

I research my destination before I leave home.
Anticipation part of the pleasure.
I learn about restaurants and historic sites that I want to visit.

Today, I feel gratitude well up inside me as I find my greatest wisdom within and learn from it. I look for more opportunities to travel near and far because each trip i take sharpens my mind and makes my life more interesting

Let us have some Self-Reflection Questions about:

How can I create the time and space to travel on a journey within to find my greatest wisdom?
What questions do I seek answers to?
What is one thing I can do to make my next business trip more enriching?
What lessons would be useful for me to write in my journal today?

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