Inspiration – Finding Your Voice

by History Maker 101

I look at the word and break it into two parts: “in” and “Spirit.”

To live an inspired life, then, means to be “in Spirit” all the time – to be in tune with the magnificent presence of the Higher Self within you. Where in effect, the mind is open to everything and attached to nothing.

We are all derived from an organizing intelligence no matter what religion, nationality, or belief system, that divine spark resides within everyone even if the person is not currently aware of it.

What does the word inspiration mean?

Therefore, this organizing intelligence is the place from which we all derive inspiration – in -spirit. An inspired life is finding a way to live in harmony with the divine intelligence with every thought you have. To live at all times in spirit and feeling yourself when you are disconnected from spirit.

The key is being in touch with that divine source within which is an inspiration. Living day in and day out, watching every thought and knowing that you have left spirit when you have a thought that does not include everyone – when you become ego-centred (Edging-God-Out}

Being inspired is about changing awareness of yourself as being limited, having no luck, things never working out, etc. into realizing that you are unlimited and have the potential to create whatever you truly desire if it is in alignment with the divine within. Whatever the mind of man can conceive, the mind of mind man can create.

You are a perfect creation of the Divine. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot create. Have a knowing that you can create and attract to yourself anything you need to create your desires. `

Living an inspired life is realizing that you came from a divine source – you are a piece of this divinity, an expression of unlimited potential. In truth, you are like what you came from – we are pieces of the divine. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience. A drop of the ocean is not the ocean, but the small drop has the same qualities and essence as the ocean. Since the source from which we came is love, peace, abundance, unlimited, perfect health, then we also have these qualities inherent in us as humans. It is an insult from which you came to think anything less.

We came into existence from divinity but somehow got separated from our source and developed an ego. We began to follow the herd and to identify with accumulating things. Quiet your mind, meditate and get back in touch with your Higher Self.

When you are inspired, you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever imagined. Realize that your thoughts are energy. It’s all about what kind of thoughts and feelings we offer up to achieve our desires which are aligned with Spirit.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action.”
– Martha Graham

When I opened my mouth to sing, my voice caught in my throat. The phlegm and irritation of a passing bronchial infection were still there. My voice was gravelly and strained from several days of coughing. And the process of singing wasn’t much fun. The sound coming from my body wasn’t me. I cleared my throat a couple of times, but it was still rough.

Instead of pushing, I lessened the pressure on my throat and kept singing lightly, watching and waiting for my sound to show up. I breathed deeply, imagining the sound coming up from my centre. Gradually, the sound smoothed out until I was singing with the connected sound I know to be me.

Standing there, experimenting with finding my voice, I started thinking about the parallels between finding my singing or speaking voice and finding my symbolic or metaphorical voice.

The physical voice flows from a connection between breath and vocal cords. The metaphorical voice is a unique relationship between a person’s values and vision and how they are expressed in action. When I “find my voice,” I find my sense of purpose. I know what I’m about and express myself with much more ease.

When I lose my voice, I can find it again in ways similar to the process I use to regain my singing voice:

I don’t push. Obstacles are a signal to lessen the pressure, dig deeper, and reconnect with what is important.

I breathe deeply and speak from the centre. When I speak from the centre, both my literal and figurative voices are strong, clear, and more easily heard.

I practice losing my voice is a signal for me to stop, look, and practice finding it again. Gradually I get clear on what “my voice” sounds and feels like, and I’m able to regain it more easily.

As Martha Graham suggests, find the vitality, the life force, and the energy that is your voice. With practice, it will become powerful and effortless.

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