The infallible formula to manifest your biggest dreams with certainty

by History Maker 101

We have a great capacity to manifest our greatest dreams, and we do not use it. If we knew the power of our thoughts to create our reality, we would pay much more attention to what we think.

  • Have you ever wondered what makes a difference to people who always achieve their biggest dreams?
  • Would you like to discover the 4 steps to follow to express your wishes with certainty?
  • Do you want to achieve bigger dreams and do not know how to achieve them?

If your answer is yes, keep reading.

In case you don’t know, I have been reading personal development and spirituality books for over twenty years. With all these inspiring readings, along with my personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that there is indeed a surefire formula to achieve whatever you set your mind to with certainty.

manifest your biggest dreams

“With certainty” is what makes the difference in the formula that I am going to share with you today because if you do not have the option to fail or fail, you will be much more courageous to pursue bigger dreams, don’t you think?


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What are the 4 steps of the formula to manifest your wishes?

In short, follow these steps, and you will see the results you get:

1.- Have a genuine intention. Use the power of intention, make it an intention for the benefit of others.

2.- Train your mind to release all doubts. You have to trust the hidden gestation process, even if you don’t see progress, everything is unfolding in the invisible world.

3.- Assume what you want as if it were already a reality. This is Neville Goddard’s “law of assumption,” which says: When your inner conviction is greater than the physical appearance of reality, your dream materializes. It is about raising your consciousness to become the person who will be able to achieve the dream you want.

4.- Detach yourself from the results. You have to find the balance point between wanting your dream to manifest but without being attached to how you want it to happen, without need or despair.


We know that you have a wish and that you want to see it fulfilled, but you must let go of the way in which that result comes to your life, since it may come, but in a way that you did not expect and you end up feeling frustrated, discouraged or wanting to surrender.

If it goes as you had planned, fine, but if it doesn’t, you will have obtained great learning that would not have existed, if you had not tried.

There are no failures in your life, only lessons that will make you grow as a person and help you live life with greater depth and meaning.

Trust that if it is the best for you, it will manifest itself in your life. Be grateful.

Attentive to what you think and feel at every moment of your life. Living positively and with full confidence in yourself will not only help you manifest your desires, but it will help you live a positive and happier life.

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