Japanese Town in Brazil – São Paulo Yes! São Paulo City, which is home to one of the largest Japantowns in the world. There, descendants of Japanese migrants have built a unique culture, combining their traditions with Brazilians. It is an influx of Chinese and Korean migrants that remodelled the neighbourhood into a multiethnic community. This Asiatown was in the centre of São Paulo, Brazil. One of South America’s largest cities, the community size is around 500 meters to the east-west and 1,500 meters to the north-south. It is one of the major tourist attractions centres in the city, which the neighbourhood was called Bairro Oriental, or by the name of a nearby local subway station, Liberdade. It recorded that, Migration from Japan to Brazil started early in the twentieth centuries, and steadily grew. Through many ups and downs, the Japanese-Brazilian population has reached around 1.9 million, the largest worldwide, making Liberdade the largest ethnically Japanese settlement outside of Japan. Approximately about 1.6 million Japanese living in São Paulo, making them the largest concentration of individuals of Japanese descent outside of Japan. As for me, being a Yoruba Indigene living in Brazil, am so thrilled when the Brazilian minister of culture announced that the Yoruba Language would become one of Brazil official languages. Yet, I do not know the correct figure of my tribe living in the country. 🙂 By clicking this link, you will access and able to watch my all my Adventure inside Brazil.

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