WHY AM I HERE? – Here some 7 Steps in finding your purpose in life.

by History Maker 101

Living your purpose requires your courage of stepping out from your comfort zone.

Truly, it is always good doing what you know how to do best, but do you also know that it is very hard getting full fulfillment of doing the same thing that you are used to without any improvement or by adding some recent creativity innovation ideas to it.

Well, you will see 7 simple but effective steps for you to find your purpose in life in this article.

Many people have taken their lives by leaps and bounds, spend a lot of time each day doing things they don’t like and earning very badly, while other people seem to have fun all day and still earn very well.

Are you asking what is the secret?

Very Simple! You would see some people who have fun and still earn a lot of money, they follow a clear and defined purpose. Every day, they have a clear direction that is really worth it for them to get out of their beds every morning.

We also have some people who are very fortunate to find their purpose early in life, while others spend their entire lives without finding their purpose. Can we say these people go about their lives without any defined meaning and without commitment?

Okay, let’s check the 7 steps for you to find your purpose and put much more meaning with a lot of happiness into your life.

Step 1. Start from, Been clear about why you want to find your purpose.

Make a list of all the reasons why you feel compelled to find your purpose in life. This will give you a good starting point, and remember the will that keeps you on track, focused on your purpose. When you feel unmotivated, giving up on the goal, go back to that list, it will keep you motivated. Write your reasons on your list. And, always be true to yourself.

Step 2. Make a list of what you would like to do.

If you were financially independent, what would you be doing now? Write down all the things that make you feel excited, take time to make this list. List all the things you are attracted to do in your day-to-day. Describe your ideal working day.

What would a perfect working day look like for you? What do you think you would be doing during your day that would make you happy?

Make your list. Make a description of your perfect day and take action.

Step 3. Find something you are good at.

Pay close attention to what others say you are good at, often this could reveal a special skill you didn’t know you had. This skill that stands out above all others can be monetized. This skill can become extremely profitable in the medium and long term.

You can set up a profitable business around your purpose in life. In possession of your outstanding skill, find out what really matters to you.

At this point, I would like to remind you that you can and must be somewhat selfish here. Be creative with it and always improve on it. At this step you will relate what is most important to you and society you are, not for dad and mom or for the children. And to you.

Step 4. Find out what is most important to you.

In the previous step you were encouraged to make a list of your skills and found out what is important to you. After all, living a life with purpose means living a life focused on things that matter to you.

But you know what those things are. The things that matter most to you?

Again, make a list of these things, selecting the ones you consider to be the most important. You will be surprised to find that they are rarely material things.

Step 5. Use all your gifts.

Hummm, who said there is only one purpose in life?

Letting go of that idea will help you open up to more opportunities that you might not even have considered at first. Don’t just do one thing. Explore your many skills and expand, multiply your opportunities!

Often, we have more than one skill for which we are celebrated. If you ignore your skills you can shut yourself off to many other possibilities. So stick to one skill and then look at your other skills that you can use as a career or even for fun.

Live your purpose . But live your life lightly. Life doesn’t have to be a sacrifice.

A strong skill of yours can be a trait that makes you have fun.

Step 6. Get out of your comfort zone.

Often, we do everything except what is best for us. We procrastinate, we pass opportunities, we put our health at risk, and why?

Because we don’t like to feel pain. Because we don’t like the discomfort. Or, worse, we prefer to feel discomfort than to face our fears.

But guess what?

When you face your fears and step out of your comfort zone , that’s when you finally find freedom and happiness.

You should always be expanding your mind and your skills. Always take it a step further. Overcome your skills. Always set new goals that challenge you.

Step 7. Take time to reflect.

Take a few minutes of your time every day to sit quietly in silence and reflect on what makes you happy, what you want to do with your life and what kind of impact you want to make in this world .

You will be shocked to find that most of the answers will be revealed to you.

And by the way, after reading these 7 tips, I hope you feel inspired to do something different, bigger or better than you have done so far.

Now Move Forward! By Seeking Your True Purpose and Start Living for Real.

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